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Collect, Detect and Act

FlaskData is a cloud API platform to collect and monitor data in clinical trials.

The FlaskData platform provides mobile, desktop and API services to collect clinical data. The Flask API can be integrated into any code that can call a RESTful API.

There are 3 main sub-systems in Flask - Collect, Detect and Act.

Collect provides desktop, mobile and RESTful Flask API services to collect data directly from patients, investigators and connected medical devices. Collect includes the visual Flask Forms designer to design eCRFs and publish as eSource and ePRO desktop and native Android mobile apps.

Detect provides a capability to automate monitoring of clinical data quality, efficacy and safety using rules and thresholds to detect protocol deviations and missing data on the patient journey.

Act provides the capability to automate delivery of alerts to patients and clinical operations teams when triggered by Detect metrics over/under threshold.

Read more about the Flaskdata software architecture here: Flaskdata software architecture white paper


Learning objectives

  • What is Flask Data ?
  • Understand concepts
  • Use basic functions

Basic concepts

  • Study – a clinical trial or research study.
  • Site – hospital or clinic
  • Study event – a visit of a study subject at a site during a study. A study event contains 1 or more eCRFs
  • eCRF – electronic case report form.
  • Item – a question on an eCRF

User interface (UI)

  • Web application that runs in your browser
  • All modern browsers including Chrome and on Windows
  • Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Basic UI after login
  • Top level status info with Change Site/Study
  • To navigation bar
  • Left side bar
  • Body
  • Plus(+)/minus(-) signs to expand/contract content
  • Navigation buttons – Submit, Back etc…

Roles – who can do what?

Flask Role Customer Admin Role (2) Study Role (3) Site Role (4)
Forms design
Forms data entry

User profile

  • Top line always shows User Name and Role
  • Currently logged-in user and role
  • Click on here at any time to access and change your User Profile – including changing your password.


Change password

Change password allows you to change your password when you want,

Just click on Change password option, a reset password email will send to you.

Request support

If you need support from us, click on this option.

A request support page will be opened.

Write your request, you can upload file.

Please detail your request as much as possible


Every effort will be made to get back to you soon.


  • Logout – use the logout button
  • Don’t just close the browser
  • This will leave open sessions on the server and potentially cause problems


You can change your app language, by press on the languages' symbol.


Clicking on FlaskData logo opens Study Dashboard page.